Cloquet, Minnesota
Cloquet Area Fire District FAQ
The City of Cloquet receives Fire/Rescue/EMS services from the Cloquet Area Fire District. The District at this time comprises 71 square miles and encompasses the City of Cloquet and the Township of Perch Lake.  The District is comprised of what is classified as a combination department which consists of full-time staff and paid on-call members.  In addition to the 71 square miles, the District also provides Advanced Life Support (Paramedic) Ambulance service to  adjacent communities and townships encompassing another 200 square miles.  The District at this time has 34 personnel who are cross trained to provide fire and emergency medical services.  The emergency medical services consist of First Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians- Intermediate, and Paramedics.
Can I have a bonfire in my backyard?
Recreational fires of 3' x 3' are allowed within the City limits.  You can access the Districts website for additional requirements under the Minnesota Uniform Fire Code.
Can I have a burning barrel or burn household garbage?
Both of these activities are against the law. They violate the State Fire Code as well as Minnesota Pollution Control Rules and Regulations.
Is there a fee for Ambulance Service?
The Advanced Life Support Ambulances are operated by the Fire District.  All costs from providing this service must come from the fees charged.  Our personnel have been trained to   provide advanced life support and we cannot refuse to provide service based on the ability to pay.  The State of Minnesota Emergency Services Regulatory Board has mandated we provide service to a Primary Service Area and we receive minimal support to provide this service.  Without fees this service could not be provided.
What is arson?
Arson is the deliberate setting of a fire for any number of reasons.  Most people think of arson as a fire for profit.  This is not always the case.  Arson is a crime and information regarding a suspected Arson, whether in the District or outside the District, is helpful in stopping this crime.  You can call the Cloquet Police Department at 218-879-1247 or the Cloquet Area Fire District at 218-879-6514.  Either agency will help you.
Where can I get additional information on the Cloquet Area Fire District?
Please call the CAFD at (218) 879-6514 or access our website at
Who do I call for a burning permit?
All burning permits within the Cloquet Area Fire District, that are not under Fond du Lac Reservation jurisdiction, can be obtained at Minnesota DNR Forestry Offices (218) 879-0880.
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