Cloquet, Minnesota
Cloquet Senior Center

The Cloquet Senior Center is located in Pine Valley Park.  As a focal point for seniors, the facility provides a central location for programs such as senior dining, Meals-on-Wheels, cards, pool, health screenings, and other events. 

The Senior Citizens Club provides a variety of on-site activities for seniors.  The City has arrangements with the Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency, Inc. (AEOA) to provide sit down dining and Meals-on-Wheels services.  Sit down dining is offered Monday through Friday during the lunch time period.  Meals-on-Wheels home delivery is offered during the same time frame for home bound seniors.  Check with AEOA or call (218) 879-5870 for more information about the dining program.

All area seniors are welcome to attend the senior center and relevant events.  Membership in the Cloquet Senior Citizens Club is encouraged, but optional.

Senior Center Rental

The Senior Center is available for your weddings, graduation, family reunions, or other activities.  The Center shall be available in accordance with adopted policies of the City.  Rent for the facility varies depending on the situation but ranges from $40 to $150.  The Center has both a meeting (dining) area as well as a commercial grade kitchen.  The dining area will seat 45-50 people comfortably.

Visit the Cloquet Community Education website for rental of the Senior Center.