Cloquet, Minnesota
Public Works Department

The Cloquet Public Works Department is responsible for the planning, operation, maintenance and reconstruction of the City’s streets, sanitary sewer collection system, water supply system, and storm water drainage system. In addition, the department is also responsible for maintenance of various City parks, buildings and public properties. The Department consists of the following divisions: Engineering, Streets, Utilities, Park Maintenance, Fleet Services, and Lake Superior Waterline Operations.

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  • Sanitary Sewer Utility
    • Sewer Backups
    • Sewer Overflows - Inflow and Infiltration
    • Sump Pumps

  • Stormwater Utility
    • Stormwater Pollution
    • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program
    • Requirements for Development and Construction Projects
    • Public Education and the RSPT
    • Additional Resources

  • Street System
    • Street Improvement Program
    • Five Year Street Improvement Program
    • Overnight On-Street Parking Restrictions

  • Water Utility
    • Cloquet's Drinking Water Supply
    • Drinking Water Quality Report
    • Water Distribution System
    • Water Quality
    • Wellhead Protection
    • Water Conservation
    • Water Meter Replacement Program
    • Lake Superior Waterline

  • Permits or Requests

  • Snow and Ice Control Policy

  • Photo Gallery

  • FAQ